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Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Posts tagged Stephanie Brown

Jul 2 '14

Comics to Read, July 2 in Which I Make Everything About Wonder Woman!

This week is a holiday week so a little slower than usual but there are still a few picks to peruse. I hope you all had a chance to download or maybe listen a bit to newest episode of 3 Chicks Review Comics as we dicuss the trade of Velvet which is out this week. 

And on to this week and we have a comic I can’t wait to read.

Hey, did you know Wonder Woman is a feminist? Just checking. This is written by Sholly Fisch who also wrote the Superfriends comic which included one of the best portrayals of Wonder Woman I’ve read in despite it being targeted to children. Go figure.

Speaking of Wonder Woman she’s in this last (sniff!) issue of Superman Unchained. You know who would write a good Wonder Woman? Scott Snyder. Who wants a Wonder Woman mini by Snyder? Raise your hands!

This is closes the book’s second arc and like every issue before it is terrific. Forever finally sees the battle that’s been teased for the last few issues and we find out what happens to the Barret family. Forever Carlyle is one of my favorite female characters in comics right now. Hey, you know who wrote a good Wonder Woman? Greg Rucka.

This is a bit gory but if you are a fan of Hannibal or like tales of spooky towns (i.e. half of the X-Files episodes) you’ll enjoy this tale of a town that spawns a great many serial killers. You know who is NOT a serial killer? Wonder Woman is not a serial killer.

Why wouldn’t you read this? OMG, BUCKTASHA! Natasha and Wonder Woman - friends? Discuss.

The first issue was a suprise for me - I really enjoyed it. The second issue continues the fun but then again this is Mark Waid. Who has also written Wonder Woman, with mixed results.

This is the one comic both my kids have asked for over the past few months. The movie is gonna make about a trillion bucks. Oh and this. 

I am really enjoying this series but there’s something in today’s issue that just made me go:

You’ll see. Also Wonder Woman is not in this.

And that’s it for me. There are a few others I may pick up after flipping through them at the LCS. 

What’s on your list?

Apr 23 '14

Comics to Read Today, 4/23

It’s new comics day and indeed there are two new comics kicking off this week so let’s start with those.

The technical first issue of Jeff Lemire’s Justice League Unlimited is out today. This features the young female First Nation’s superhero that we first saw a last month. Equinox does show up in this first issue according to the preview so that’s nice. She’s even on the cover of this semi rare variant cover.


DC Comics did not provide me with a review copy of this comic but Jeff Lemire is a good writer and Mike McKone does well with team books so you might want to pick it up. Let me know what you think!

Marvel also has a new comic with a female lead on the cover. 


Marvel does not provide me with reviewers copies of their comics but the art on this, by Mike Del Mundo, looks great. Haden Blackman is the former co-writer DC Comic’s Batwoman so if you read that you know he does a good job weaving action and personal moments together. Let me know what you think!

And on to some others!


Stephanie Brown is back in this issue. Well, there are some words I didn’t think I’d be writing again anytime soon. Maybe if I say, “I don’t think we’ll be seeing Cass Cain again anytime soon,” the reverse mojo will work again.


That cover is amazing which befits this book. I’ve gone on and one about this book and its writing and its fantastic art by Michael Lark but for this issue I’m going to call out the letters section which is truly so dense it is like a bonus. But can I mention Michael Lark’s art again? Amazing. 


Gail Simone has managed to make me read comics about two characters that I pretty much didn’t really give a crap about - Red Sonja and Lara Croft. This issue has on the run, again, but that’s what I like about the comic - it moves. Simone movies the plot along at a very quick pace which befits its gaming roots. Warning: Musical instruments are destroyed in this issue and there is bad Irish slang. And some very nice art by Nicolas Daniel Selma. This is a fun comic even if you have never played the game.


I hope you are picking this up and that you head cast the same people in the leads as I do (Anthony Mackie and Helen Mirren). Maybe that will pique your interest?

And that’s it for this week. What did I miss? What is on your list?

Apr 11 '14

Stephanie Brown Returns in Batman Eternal #3- Here’s a Look

If you picked up Batman Eternal this week, you didn’t see Stephanie Brown. But you will see her in issue 3 and here she is:


And because you might get spoiled see the rest under the cut:

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Apr 7 '14

James Tynion IV on Stephanie Brown’s Return, Harper Row, the Return of a Female “nobody will see coming” and … Monkeys

This week brings the first issue of DC Comics new Bat-centric weekly series, Batman Eternal. First announced last year, the series will be written by four writers with Scott Snyder acting as showrunner. DC has been dropping clues about the plot lines hints for months. In February Batman #28 gave a look at the Gotham that will ultimately be the focus of the book. I chatted with one of the writers on project, James Tynion IV (Talon, Red Hood and the Outlaws) about the book, about that surprise appearance in #28, who else might show up and … monkeys?


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Feb 21 '14

i have a feeling a lot of people wont like this direction for her mask, but i wanted to keep it simple, avoiding the domino mask for now being i feel its more Bat-family
oriented. I dont believe she’s under the bat group yet at this point, though, I could be wrong. Here’s hoping DC will use this design down the road.

Dustin Nguyen reveals his costume design of Stephanie Brown/Spoiler in the new 52. I love that the costume retains some of the elements of her Batgirl costume designed by Lee Garbett.


i have a feeling a lot of people wont like this direction for her mask, but i wanted to keep it simple, avoiding the domino mask for now being i feel its more Bat-family

oriented. I dont believe she’s under the bat group yet at this point, though, I could be wrong. Here’s hoping DC will use this design down the road.

Dustin Nguyen reveals his costume design of Stephanie Brown/Spoiler in the new 52. I love that the costume retains some of the elements of her Batgirl costume designed by Lee Garbett.

Feb 13 '14

Batman Eternal Could be the Most Female Centric Bat-tale Since No Man’s Land

Fifteen years ago DC Comics turned over the Batbooks to a single event - the aftermath of an earthquake in Gotham City. The event was called “No Man’s Land” to reflect the ostracizing and abandonment of the city by the government and the majority of the city’s citizens. But the name also, probably inadvertently, reflected one of the most female centric female stories in the history of the Batbooks. And now, based on the teaser issue that arrived Wednesday, we may have a Bat-tale to rival it in Batman Eternal.


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Jan 17 '14

It’s Official; Stephanie Brown Returns to Comics April 23

DC Comics has released the solicits for first issues of the new weekly series Batman Eternal including issue #3:



Art and cover by JASON FABOK

On sale APRIL 23 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

A gang war erupts in Gotham City, but the G.C.P.D. doesn’t plan to help Batman stop it. Plus: The return of a fan-favorite Batman supporting character: Stephanie Brown!

The cover for the issue has not yet been released. While the book still a few months before it comes out there are already creative changes. John Layman announced earlier this week he is off the book. No replacement has been named as of yet. I’m going to hope for a female presence on the creative side given the all-male team originally announced. Or Bryan Q. Miller. What wouldn’t I give to have him write Stephanie Brown again? And that brings us to the next creative tid bit from the solicits - Dustin Nguyen is listed on art for issue #4. 





On sale APRIL 30 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Batman battles Batgirl as Jim Gordon’s troubles take a turn for the worse!

I believe it has been scientifically proven that Dustin Nguyen makes everything better.

And, of course, it means quite possibly he’ll get to draw Stephanie Brown again. Perhaps he’ll up date this with her latest costume.


Are you excited for this book? Are you ready for a DC weekly again?


Nov 19 '13

Time for Bats-Giving as DC Promo’s the new Weekly Bat-Series

Scott Snyder tweeted out some promo art for the upcoming Batman Eternal today that PR has told us has all kinds of Easter Eggs for the upcoming weekly series which to date is mainly known as “the book Stephanie Brown is in.” The artwork is based on this by the way

embiggen here

So what do we see here beyond Selina wearing her “dress up shoes?” Well there’s Stephanie Brown wearing a purple hoodie. So yay! And there’s Damian’s dog with a little Robin on top. Guess he’ll be coming back soon. Also there’s a blonde, male Batfamily member - perhaps that Dick with a dye job since everyone now knows he’s Nightwing? Anything else look interesting?

This isn’t the first Bats-giving, of course.

Last year Li’l Gotham celebrated the day.

And in Bryan Q. Miller’s run of Batgirl, Barbara Gordon imagined Bats-Giving with her and Dick as a couple.

And of course we have this as well. 

No one wants to go to that Thanksgiving.

Oct 13 '13

Stephanie Brown is Back - The real story of what happened at NYCC and Has She Already Appeared?

Stephanie Brown is returning to comics. Again.


It seems you just can’t the character down. When Stephanie Brown was murdered in 2005, fans took to the internet and conferences to

request that she, as a former Robin, have her costume put in a trophy case like the other dead Robin. 

The back and forth between DC Editors and Creators went on for four years even showing up in the comics themselves as in this editors not from 2007.


Whether it was fan pressure or DC simply waiting for the “right time,” Stephanie Brown returned to comics in July of 2008.


DC made Stephanie Brown the Batgirl replacing Cass Cain a year later when the plan to return Barbara Gordon to the tights were shelved. 


The Batgirl book starring Stephanie Brown was one of the best reviewed books of the next two years. But her run would be only 24 issues as DC once again moved forward to return Barbara Gordon to the role as part of the new 52 in September of 2011. Stephanie Brown made one last appearance in December of that year in Batman, Inc.


She then joined Cassandra Cain, the adopted daughter of Bruce Wayne, in going on to the “bench” - characters that would not be showing up in the new 52 for awhile.

The benching of the character was not for lack of trying for a number o creators. During the last two years, several writers attempted to include the character in the books or in pitches including Gail Simone and Grant Morrison. But the character was considered “pitch poison” within DC and any appearance was nixed. When fans celebrated the return of the character in the out of continuity Smallville written by Bryan Q. Miller, the writer of her standalone series. However, in July of 2012, their excitement quickly dissolved when the character was removed from already in production book and turned in Barbara Gordon.

At every comic convention a fan (both male and female) would ask about the return of Stephanie Brown and Cass Cain. The answers would range from polite to downright dismissive. At one point DC joked that there would not be taking questions about the two.

But not this week at NYCC. This week DC planted a question about Stephanie. And the woman who asked it? Kyrax, the Batgirl of SDCC who challenged the publisher on its treatment of female characters. Here’s what really went down.

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Oct 11 '13

Toxic No More: Stephanie Brown Returns to the DCU

Today at the Batman panel t was announced that Stephanie Brown will return to DC Comics in the upcoming Batman Eternal series. The series, announced yesterday, will be a weekly focusing on Gotham. Brown will appear as Spoiler. She will appear in issue 3 of the series.

James Tynion, according to attendees, made the announcement during the panel.


Now on to Cass Cain!

Jul 21 '13

Batman Goes to Comic Con and Runs into Batgirl Cosplayers

Today is another delightful chapter of LI’l Gotham and to keep with the book’s themes of holidays you have a celebration of one of the major holidays of comics — SDCC.

Bruce and Damian are chasing Clayface through the Gotham con and run into cosplayers including Batgirl. And not just iconic red headed Batgirl but that other Batgirl who seems to consistently channel Clayface when it comes to changing hair color.


There’s redheaded iconic Barbara Gordon Batgirl on the left. But who is that next to Damian?


Blonde hair, purple highlight costume? Bat cowl. And who is that girl next to her? The mask is a bit off but could that be ….

Whether they are or not, they still generated questions at SDCC. Here’s Scott Snyder answering the question:

Snyder said he really wants to use Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown, but he can’t right now and there are no plans for them. He hopes that will change in the future.

We’ll see.

Jun 30 '13


cass is having a waffle day.

Dustin Nguyen take on why Stepanie Brown and Cass Cain aren’t in the new 52 or anywhere in the DCU. I actually think this is more pleasant explanation than the reasons I’ve been told.

Jun 14 '13

Stephanie Brown Disappears From Latest Scribblenauts Demo Video

Earlier this week at E3 video of the upcoming Scribblenauts DC Unmasked Game revealed that Stephanie Brown, a character who, let us say has had some challenges whenever she has appeared over the last year and half, would indeed appear. The game had been promoted as featuring every character in the history of DC but, you know with the coloring and after the fact excising of Ms. Brown from comics, fans of the character might be a tad … pessimistic and, at times, looking for conspiracies.

But not this time because lo and behold there she was dressed as a “scary villain” with her name was on screen and glimpses of her blonde hair and costume to confirm it.

This images, courtesy of BC, show the game’s character Maxwell in a specific scenario. Note the giant popcorn box in the upper right hand side. Note Damian Wayne. Note the character Mr. Hyde. To scare Mr. Hyde the character of “Scary” Stephanie Brown is called.



and wait for it …


You can see the video sequence here - forward to about 16:22 seconds.

There was much joying in the world from those of who have affection to said character. And some razzing on Twitter for a certain DC executive who may or may not.


And then yesterday there was more video footage of the game released on GameInformer.

And it contains or rather doesn’t contain something … curious.

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Jun 11 '13

E3 Brings Glimpse of Rare, Thought Extinct Toxic Creature

The big E3 show is this week and it brought new footage from the DC Comics branded Scribblenauts game which claimed to have every DC character ever in it or something like that.

But given the benching and haircoloring inclinations of SOME folks at DC there was much speculation if the Scribblenauts world could handle the toxity of certain characters.

Apparently it can as video has been revealed of one Stephanie Brown who it seems now has the superpower of appearing in TV i.e. Young Justice and games but not in print or digital.

Below we have Scary Stephanie Brown, hair of blonde and suit with twinge of purple both as yet unrecolored.  Wally West as Kid Flash was glimpsed in the round of publicity for this game. Cass Cain should pop up soon.



May 20 '13

Stephanie Brown Reference In Li’l Gotham?

Yesterday’s Li’l Gotham was a Mother’s Day issue and was one of the best yet. In this world, Damian is still alive and his parents are much better behaved (especially this issue). 

Damian takes his friend Colin on a tour of the Batcave including the trophy cases of former Robin costumes.

But note that one on the far left. It’s familiar, no? Let’s check this theory out.

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