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Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Posts tagged Supergirl

Aug 28 '14

Wonder Woman, Supergirl Featured in Upcoming Six Flags 3D Ride

Six Flags announced a new 3D ride JUSTICE LEAGUE: BATTLE FOR METROPOLIS will debut at two of their parks in 2015. The company PRs state:

As you explore the interactive Hall of Justice, you’ll be given special 3D glasses and a working stun gun to help you battle Lex Luthor and The Joker. They’ve hacked into BATMAN’s computer and kidnapped the world’s favorite superheroes, SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, and GREEN LANTERN. Now you must bust into Lex Corp. to rescue them!

Board motion-based vehicles for a wild journey through the Metropolis streets, where you’ll meet up with life-sized animatronics.

Everywhere you look, state-of-the-art 3D imagery will draw you deeper into the adventure. Your unique transporter will take you piloting through a realistic 3D environment.

Can you thwart The Joker’s evil plan to infect the city with laughing gas? Only if you’re brave enough to join the JUSTICE LEAGUE Reserve Team!

While I expected to see Wonder Woman in the game I was surprised to see Supergirl as well although given it is Metropolis that is being battled over perhaps that make sense. (And perhaps another high profile female character that lives in that city?)

The new ride also uses the new versions and costumes of characters.

It’s not clear the whole Justice League will appear in the game - Cyborg is seen in the video but not Aquaman.The game debuts at the parks in Texas and Missouri next Spring.

May 27 '14

The Frozen/DC Comics Mash-Ups You Know You Wanted!

For those of us who love female heroes who kick ass, the movie Frozen offered some great characters in Anna and Elsa. But what if Anna and Elsa were in the DCU? The Deviant art artist "Samantha Doodles" has the answer!


Elsa as IceCanary!



And because we love Marvel too

CapAnna and BuckyElsa

Feb 14 '14
The First Valentine/Galentine’s Day Card!
Do you celebrate Galentine’s Day? Love that day!

The First Valentine/Galentine’s Day Card!

Do you celebrate Galentine’s Day? Love that day!

Jan 23 '14

Target Valentines’ Merchandise Features Wonder Woman and Others

In my list of the Best for DC Women in 2013 I listed the agreement between WB/DC and Target for Justice League Merchandise for putting Wonder Woman merchandise into their product mix. And they have once again for Valentines Day.

First the good. I found two Wonder Woman solo items for the February holiday. First, Wonder Woman lollipop:


Cute! Also they had a variety of water bottles filled with candy with the League logos. I flipped through lots of Bat and Supe logos until I happily found this:


Given the overbundance of purple and pink in the summer offerings I was surprised and please to see some primary colors here.

And then I went and looked at the Valentine cards - the type that grade school kids exchange. For the past few years its been pretty spotty for the ladies of DC Comics when it comes to Valentines. Gone are the days when you saw kids given a set where there was parity between female and male heroe like this:


So the good news is that there is a set with some parity available at Target. But then there’s some … well let’s take a look, shall we?

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Nov 26 '13

A Sad Goodbye to Al Plastino co-creator of Silver Age Supergirl

Al Plastino, the great artist who helped created some of DC’s most popular characters died last night. He was 91. Plastino had been in the media recently fighting to regain the rights to the Superman pages he created featuring John F. Kennedy before his assasination. The pages, which Plastino had been told had been donated to the JFK Library, had recently, much to Plastino’s surprise, to auction.

But Plastino’s legacy goes far beyond drawing those soon to be tragic pages of JFK. Plastino co-created with Otto Binder the original Supergirl, the cousin of Superman, who first appeared in Action Comics #252.


Plastino also created with Otto Binder the Legion of Superheroes including their first appearance in Adventure Comics #247.


Plastino also drew the daily Batman comic strip which ran in the 60s and 70s including this one featuring Batgirl and Poison Ivy which was apparently inked by Nick Cardy who just passed away a few weeks ago.


I would love to see his work on that strip collected.

Supergirl has gone through many many changes through the years and DC is currently turning her into a Red Lantern. But the sunny, confident woman who both surprised and confounded her cousin remains one of my favorite versions and that has much to do with the artwork of Plastino.

My condolences to his family.


Nov 5 '13

New Ms. Marvel #1 Cover Channels Supergirl

A reader just pointed out that the cover to Ms. Marvel by Sara Pichelli seems to homage the cover of Supergirl #1 by Gary Frank from 1996.

What do you think?

Oct 21 '13

Under Armour Introduces Superhero Apparel for Girls

Earlier this year sports clothing manufacturer Under Armour introduced their “Alter Ego” gear for men featuring logos of DC and Marvel superheroes. Now they have introduced a DC line for girl.

At the center of the collection is Wonder Woman:

But there are also Batgirl shirts to choose from:

And, of course, there is super-themed shirts as well:

It’s nice to see a Supergirl shirt that doesn’t come in pink. Although if you want something with pink you can always get this boys sweatshirt.

I’m excited to see this line expanded to girls as it reinforces the idea that in the eyes of some major brands superheroes appeal to girls as well as boys.

Jul 1 '13

Wonder Dog and Super Cat Now at PetSmart

You have a dog. Or a cat. You like Wonder Woman or Supergirl. Two things that would seemingly be separate in your life. Well, no longer thanks to Top Paw and PetSmart which are selling pet attire and pet toys for fans of both characters.

Here’s the Wonder Dress

Wonder bandana

Supergirl Dress

And in what falls under “Is it love or is it something else?” you can literally throw Wonder Woman and Supergirl to the dogs (insert own joke here, points for references to Final Crisis)

I’m sure the one above would freak these two out:

May 23 '13

If We Put Them on Everything They’ll Have to Do SOMETHING: Zazzle Opens Super Best Friends Forever Store

Over a few months of hearing nothing about the ESBUFFS (aka Super Best Friends Forever) there’s been two signs that the series may not be dead and gone.

The SBFF are, of course, the trinity of Supergirl, Wonder Girl and Batgirl from the fantastic animated short series done by Lauren Faust for DC Nation. Unfortunately Cartoon Network only made a few shorts and Faust then told me she wasn’t available to do more. But she also told me, “Who knows what the future holds?”

Earlier this week, DC Comics unveiled their SDCC exclusives and the SBFF were included. And then yesterday DC unveiled the SBFF Zazzle store where you can buy just about anything with the SBFF on it including mouse pads, mugs, phone cases, and, of course, t-shirts. You can get all the SBFF together. (And in different poses).


Or separately




You can get 20% off everything by using SUPERHEROBFF.

So what does this mean for the SBFF. Earlier this week when the SDCC pieces appeared I put out a cry for a digital comic from DC trying to drive the demand for it. Faust told me that "there’s always a chance it could happen, BTW…

So here’s what we do. Tell DC you want a digital comic with the SBFF’s! Buy the stuff from Zazzle! And eat Burritos. No wait, do the other two things. 

If they are offering merchandise there is a chance. Let’s make it into a reality!

May 20 '13

DC Unveils SDCC Exclusives; I Know What I’m Getting

DC has unveiled its exclusives for SDCC. You can see them all at USA Today but I’ll show the one that I’ll be getting. Oh yes, I will.

Behold the ESSBUFFS!

It’s pricey - $49.99 but I simply must have it. Of course, I’d rather have an ongoing series with these three by Lauren Faust, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. How about a digital comic? Anyone?

Apr 26 '13

That Time Carol Burnett Played Supergirl

Today is the 80th birthday of comedian Carol Burnett. Burnett is one of the few women to headline her own variety show on television, The Carol Burnett Show, which ran for 11 years on CBS from the 1960s to 70s. Burnett has had a multi-faceted career that has also included film and Broadway. She excels at physical comedy and this skit where she plays Supergirl is a good example.


In the skit Burnett’s Supergirl is a Rule 63 Superman with a secret identity as a reporter. (A “girl reporter” which is probably not so much a hat tip to the Lois Lane book, but the role of women at the time.)


It’s a fun little sketch so take a look and, hey, let’s wish Burnett a happy 80th birthday.

Mar 16 '13

Target Offers New DC Women Swag

A few weeks ago I told you how Fruit of the Loom was making superhero underwear for little girls. At that time it was only available on-line where it was selling out. 

But today I saw the underwear on the shelf at Target

But that wasn’t the only licensed merchandise I saw. In the lingerie department there was a whole lot more.

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Mar 15 '13

DC Women Cover Up!

What better way to cover yourself up then with the female Trinity?

This afghan is 45 x 60” and, as you would guess, kicks ass.

Available here!

Mar 8 '13

New Girls’ Superhero Shirts Available at Old Navy

I am pleased to see that Old Navy is continuing to offer superhero shirts for girls. I stopped by one of their stores today and saw a lot of shirst on display, more than I’ve seen in the past. Here’s a look. 

And I was particularly happy to see this!

In the store there is also a purple shirt with a purple Bat symbol.

You can order the ones above at Old Navy.

Feb 22 '13

Important News Requiring Yet Another Post on Superhero Underwear!

I’ve done a few posts on superhero underwear - for men and women. But I’ve also done posts talking about the importance of superhero underwear for little girls. Why? I’ve discussed in the past how not having toys and merchandise for little girls sets up superheroes as a “boy thing”.

Why shouldn’t a little girl who sees Batgirl or Wonder Woman on TV be able to go to a strore and buy toys or, yes, underwear with her favorite character on them? At one time years ago, as I wrote a few years ago, this was a non-issue. Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl underoos were widely available. 

But for the last few years there has been a black hole when it has come to girls’ underwear. I’ve seen Wonder Woman and Batgirl undies for women in a few stores but when you hit the kids’ aisle it’s all Disney Princesses and Dora. Not that there is anything wrong with those. God knows enough Disney Princess gear has hit my home over the past years. But I would have loved to have had the option to provide my daughter with superhero underwear. My son, of course, has so many different kinds to choose from I can’t keep track of them.

But now there is an option! Fruit of the Loom has a six pack of girls underwear on line, and apparently it is so popular it keeps selling out.

Here’s a look at the female trinity pair:


There are also Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl solo versions:image

I learned about these from the blog The Rock Father. Apparently I’m not the only who was writing about the lack of diversity in girls underwear. 

I’m still frustrated that they are only online although the Rock Father seems to think Wal-Mart will pick them up. I’d recommend dropping a note to Target. They have a line of superhero underwear in their stores right now for women - it seems silly they don’t for little girls as well.