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Posts tagged The Dark Knight Rises

Jul 12 '12


The Dark Knight Rises by Jock

Exclusively available at Mondo’s SDCC Booth (#437). 24” X 36” print, regular edition of 375 and the villains variant edition of 350. The variant is not for sale, but will instead be given out for fan appreciation.

Love Jock’s work. This looks fantastic.

Jul 11 '12

Oh, this must have been the “some sensuality” that TDKR its rating

The Dark Knight Rises got a PG-13 rating because of “some sensuality”. But who? What? Where?

Well, this picture from the new book about the making of the trilogy, answers some questions.

Don’t click, if you don’t want to be spoiled.

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Jul 7 '12

New 13 Minute Featurette for The Dark Knight Rises Offers Up New Images 

The TDKR promo train rides on and today we have a featurette on the film that is a love song to Chris Nolan. Lots and lots of new shots here including this one of Marion Cotillard and Morgan Freeman.

Jul 4 '12

Lots and lots and lots of info on The Dark Knight Rises

The official website for The Dark Knight Rises has post an extensive set of production notes — 49 pages. Much of it has been seen before but there is some new things that caught my eye. Of course, some of it may be spoilerrific so click at your own risk!

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Jul 2 '12

TDKR Designer Lindy Hemming on Hathaway’s Catwoman Costume

Empire Magazine has an interview with Anne Hathaway about the The Dark Knight Rises and it includes some insight by the costume designer on how they came up with Selina’s costume. I’m still trying to figure out why a stealthy cat-burglar would need 2 and half inch metal spike heels/weapons (especially since we’ve seen her brandishing a gun in the previews) but interesting none the less:

Jun 28 '12

Latest TV Spot for The Dark Knight Rises shows off a cool and in control Catwoman

For those of you keeping track, we are up to the 10th TV ad for The Dark Knight Rises and this one focuses on Catwoman. While we’ve seen Selina being cagey and kick ass as well as doubtful, this one shows off a woman who is pretty damn confident strutting towards a Batcycle while Batman tries to give her instructions (..”to start it throttle”), then climbing on (but ack those heels) and declaring, “I’ve got it” to Batman. 

It ends with the previously seen footage of Bruce Wayne being told his “wife” had taken the care.

I have to say this ad increased my hopes that Hathaway was the right choice immensely and that she truly has “got” this role nailed.

Jun 25 '12

New Picture and More on “Miranda Tate” and “John Blake” from The Dark Knight Rises

Who is Miranda Tate? What is her relationship with Bruce Wayne? And what does John Blake have in common with Bruce Wayne?

Click through!

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Jun 25 '12

Close-up look at Hathaway’s Catwoman Costume

At an exhibition in Madrid about Christopher Nolan and The Dark Knight Rises they displayed the costumes worn in the movie.

Here’s a look at Catwoman’s boots:

I think those boots look ridiculous; we’ll see how I feel after I see the movie. Here’s a look at the belt and suit:

Those a bit more than thigh high.


Jun 20 '12

Nokia’s The Dark Knight Rises Trailer - Batman is Angry

The latest trailer shows a backflipping Catwoman and a potentially back breaking Bane (well, mask breaking at the least).

Jun 4 '12

More footage from The Dark Knight Rises brings more Catwoman

If you didn’t get a chance to see the teaser footage from the MTV movie awards it shows off lots of new footage and much more of Anne Hathaway then we’ve seen to date.What do you think? 

May 31 '12

New set of Catwoman magnets from TDKR

Here’s a new set of magnets with Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. She must use those boot heels as weapons —  that looks like blood to me.


May 29 '12

Newest Commercial for The Dark Knight Rises Clarifies Batman’s Status

The fourth commercial for TDKR was shown over the long weekend and it we find out the status of Batman in the film.

May 28 '12

Spoilery new Catwoman pictures from The Dark Knight Rises

Empire magazine newest issue is focused on The Dark Knight Rises. So devoted they have two covers including this one:

And inside that magazine are some more pictures of Catwoman which give away at least one rumored plot point and clear up one question about the third trailer.

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May 27 '12

Kid’s book confirms plot point of The Dark Knight Rises

Remember how I brought you the first look the set of children’s books based on The Dark Knight Rises? 

The books are going to be released on June 5 and Harper Collins, the publisher, already has some of the descriptions up  for the book and it confirms a plot point.

Spoilers follow:

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May 26 '12
Catwoman Puts Her Foot Down
Love this. If you made it let me know and I’ll credit.

Catwoman Puts Her Foot Down

Love this. If you made it let me know and I’ll credit.