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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Apr 1 '14

Holy Nudity! DC Going with Adult Line of Digital Comics?

While DC Comics’ new 52 has had some interior art and covers that have raised some eyebrows, all out nudity has been a line that has not been crossed in the mainline books. Recently, for example, Guillem March showed and discussed on his blog some rejected interior artwork for Catwoman that left little to the imagination.


March also included a chart showing how the page views of his blog dramatically increased with the revelation of the nude images.

This current banning of nudity, however, may be changing with a new line of “adult” books which are being described as “soft core” porn and featuring both sex and nudity. 

(Obviously NSFW for some works.)

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May 9 '13

Injustice Game Plays Up The Killing Joke in Batgirl Reveal

As if the game shouldn’t already come with a mini-refrigerator due to its brutal murdering of Lois Lane, we now have this intro video of Batgirl that shows her being shot in the pages of The Killing Joke.

No, I’m serious. Really.

Because no one ever, ever has ever thought to have Barbara Gordon and the Joker face off again. 

Because Barbara Gordon is all about getting shot by the Joker. Let’s forget whatever other skills she may have.

Because you couldn’t just have her beat the shit out of the Joker ‘cause, oh I don’t know, he’s a bad guy.

Nope, let’s keep showing that flying coffee cup from a story which is dangerously close to torture porn. 

Let’s keep showing that blood stain on her skirt.

Because you really need this motivation for a game which involves superheroes beating the shit out of each other. Superman can’t be just crazy. He has to kill his wife and baby. Batgirl can’t just be an ass kicker. We have to relive the decision to “cripple the bitch”.


Jun 5 '12

Wonder Woman, by Christopher Moeller 

What a stunning portrait of Wonder Woman. Moeller was writer and artist on one of my favorite Wonder Woman stories, JLA: A League One. 


Wonder Woman, by Christopher Moeller

What a stunning portrait of Wonder Woman. Moeller was writer and artist on one of my favorite Wonder Woman stories, JLA: A League One. 

May 20 '12

Joe Quesada on female led Marvel movies

The big UK Kapow Comic show is being held this weekend. The show has been called out for the paucity of female creators and is pretty much a sausage fest (or is bangers fest because it is the UK?).

Joe Quesada of Marvel was there, however, and Ain’t it Cool News was as well. And here’s what Joe had to say to the reporter about Marvel’s female characters:

In a chat afterwards, Joe told me that he’d love to make a tentpole movie with a female lead, but that he really doesn’t think there is an actress right now who could carry it, or a character that would work either. I’m thinking I might agree with him on this one actually.

I’m impressed with how Quesada managed to marginalize both female actors and female characters in one fell swoop. 

So how accurate is he? What about Marvel female characters? With Marvel unfortunately most of their female characters are in team books so they have very few iconic female characters at the level of Spider-Man and Wolverine. But isn’t that a bit of a chicken and egg? There are not iconic characters because most of the female characters kept in team books? 

But does the character have to be iconic? Can’t good marketing make ANY character with a good actress into a hit? Iconic characters guarantee nothing if the actor and writing suck (coughGreenLanterncough).

I’m sure there will be differing opinions on whether what Joe said smacks of the truth or just more uncomfortable commentary from a guy who has made some eye rolling comments about women and comics.

What Marvel character and Hollywood actress do you think could be prove Quesada wrong? (And remember she’ll hopefully get three tries like the Hulk to get it right!)

May 11 '12

Palmiotti and Gray to do Phantom Lady mini

DC just announced a new four issue mini starring Phantom Lady and Doll Man. The cover shown is by Amanda Conner who is also drawing the Before Watchmen Silk Spectre, a character loosely based on the original Phantom Lady, Sandra Knight. Conner is only doing covers, as ongoing art will be by Cat Staggs and Rich Perotta. Staggs is now attached to two DC books increasing their stable of female artists with regular gigs to three.

Always happy to see a book with a female lead. And glad to see this latest version has more of a costume that the last iteration. Phantom Lady hits in August. More at the Source

Dec 13 '11

The most wonderful time of the year: 25 Days of holiday DC Women - Day 13

Begging to point out a most obvious result of your actions, but “you’ll shoot your eye out.”

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Mar 3 '11

Wonder Woman Converse sneakers are available

Last summer DC Comics and Converse announced a line of sneakers based on comic characters including Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman.

The Wonder Woman sneakers are now available in the UK with shipment available to the US. They’ll set you back about $100.

And they look even more awesome then they appeared when first announced.

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Mar 2 '11

Arkham City: first chapter spoilers and new images

The promotional push for Arkham City is heating up. There is a new community site with lots of pictures including this one.

And a UK paper got a peek at the first chapter. Spoilers ahoy!

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Mar 2 '11

So you’d like to see more female DC action figures from Mattel? Don’t hold your breath

The world of comic character action figure collecting is a busy one. Just yesterday two of the most viewed posts on this blog were about the Young Justice figures from Mattel and McDonalds.

Mattel issues a “Wave” of figures about once a year. The figures are available in Target and Wal-Mart with the latter getting “exclusives.” Here’s a look at Wave 17:

You’ll notice one female figure which is Wonder Woman dressed as a Star Sapphire. Note that figure has already been released under the DC Direct line (which is made available online and comic shops as opposed to Big Box stores, this is, for example, the line that issued the Stephanie Brown as Batgirl figure) And the next Wave, 18? No female characters. Zero. Nada. Zip.

So you might ask, “Why so few female characters?” And, now you have an answer via the official voice of DCUC, MattyCollector.

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Mar 1 '11

What if everyone in Gotham looked like Bat-mite?

Bat-mite is undergoing a resurgence thanks to his appearance in Batman RIP and Batman: the Brave and the Bold. And if Garry Black had his way there would have been an entire world of Bat-Mite Bat characters.

Black,  aka Planetstatic, pitched an all-ages book book to DC:

It was intended to be an all-ages comic along the lines of Tiny Titans, Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eight Grade and the Magic of Shazam! The concept, design, pencils and colors are my own with excellent inks by Mark DeCarlo.

 So what would a Bat-mite Gotham look like?

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Mar 1 '11

There’s been so many terrific Birds of Prey pieces over the last few days! If Canary was in the right outfit (and those heels ??!!) I think this might be my favorite. Just look at the “Do Not Mess with Me” look on Babs’ face.
Birds Of Prey by ~jusscope on deviantART

There’s been so many terrific Birds of Prey pieces over the last few days! If Canary was in the right outfit (and those heels ??!!) I think this might be my favorite. Just look at the “Do Not Mess with Me” look on Babs’ face.

Birds Of Prey by ~jusscope on deviantART

Mar 1 '11

New 3 Chicks podcast is up for your listening pleasure

This week is an extra big cast just brimming with chick talk:

We review the second issue of Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly’s New York Five #2, the Vertigo mini-series that follows up on their popular Minx book The New York Four from 2007.  It’s 32 gorgeous pages for $2.99…talk about holding the line! 

We also take a look at American Vampire writer Scott Snyder’s exceptional story in Detective Comics #874 with crazy good art by Francesco Francovilla. I made this my pick of the week. It is a fantastic issue in what I believe will be a legendary run on 'Tec.

The hot topic this week? Women’s origins in comics. Count how many times I say  “Barbara Gordon” and “The Killing Joke”!

Maddy picks this week’s CHICK OF THE WEEK, is a massively talented rising star in comics, a creator that we all love, from her mainstream to her independent work, and including her fantastic ongoing superhero strip and now infamous short about a grouchy character that’s the best at what he does. 

We also discuss Dwayne McDuffie’s legacy as a creator.

Go give it a listen

Mar 1 '11

You know I could have taken the new outfit …

… if all the other bullshit hadn’t come down, too. I’m not opposed to change. Nor am I opposed to pants. I am opposed to a new costume being part of the “Something is wrong with Wonder Woman” theme that I heard last year. As I said a few weeks ago on the 3 Chicks cast, “the only thing wrong with Wonder Woman is that they keep trying to fix her.”

So the reason I’m happy to see the (maybe) return of the old costume is that it can be seen as a passive acknowledgment that somehow the old wasn’t quite as bad and old fashioned and in need of being fixed as was stated over and over by certain writers. And the old costume? It sure as hell sold a lot of make-up.

I’d like to see the possibility of a combination of the two or something else (please without stirrup pants). And that will probably happen maybe for the TV pilot. But mostly I just want my old Wonder Woman back. And I wouldn’t mind a version of this old Action cover (despite my growing fondness for the costume Dinah’s torching).

Mar 1 '11

Wonder Woman’s classic costume: It’s baaaaaack

Variant cover to Wonder Woman #609. Don’t know if it’s staying but the fact it’s on the cover? It ain’t going away either.

Mar 1 '11

Bat/Cat Lunchtime Lust

By Alan Davis.