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Jan 15 '14

Comics to Read Today, January 15

After the big debut of Black Widow last week (I really enjoyed it - you?) there aren’t any super exciting debuts this week (you can check out my guide of what is exciting and will debut in 2014 here). But there are still some comics to check out and let’s start with my top pick:

When Kelly and I reviewed this a few months ago one of the things we pointed out is that you don’t get a lot of older women who look their age on the cover of comics. And here you do. You also get a great yarn by Brubaker and Epting.

Have you been reading Coffing Hill? I’m really enjoying it.

Kinda Dad and Daughter meet! I always enjoyed the crossovers with Helena Wayne and Batman in the Bronze age so I’m looking forward to this.

How I will miss you Li’l Gotham.

 I do not love the new TV look of the Powerpuff Girls - what about you?

You know the other day I was sitting around and the thought occured to me, “Sue you were obsessively addicted to the X-Files when they were on TV - why aren’t you reading the comic?) Good Question, Sue. This week we see the debut of a comic starring the Lone Gunmen so I’m going to read that and then catch up on Season 10. I didn’t nab chat  name “Danascul6” for nothing.

There is a new arc starting of this so it is a good time to jump on. The best description of the first arc was given by the writer Josh Williamson who called it “Ocean’s 11 in a haunted house” - I thought it was fun and scary.

And if you’re saying “No Marvel?”, you’re right. I may pick up their Disney line for the kids but that has to wait until Saturday when I get to the LCS to check it out.

What’s on your list?

Jan 8 '14

Comics to Read, 1/8

It’s a new year and it’s time to read some comics! This week we have a number one to jump onto as well as some others that you really should be reading. Not to much this week - there were some comics I had hoped to read and rec but didn’t end up getting review copies.

Marvel goes all in on its female heroes again with a new Black Widow #1. This is the Phil Noto cover but for non-members of the "Cover Up Ladies League" you can get your Campbell and Manara variants/

 But there is also a last issue from Marvel this week. Today we say goodbye to Tumblr’s favorite comic Young Avengers. I am sad to see it go but would rather that it go out with the original creators and on their terms. This comic went to the top of my pull every week - I loved its youthful exburiance, its tweaking of social media, a cast that reflected the real world (well as real as the real world can be in comics) and two very kick ass ladies - Miss America and Hawkeye. Mic drop indeed.

I know there are other first issues of Marvel this week - so you might want to check those out as well.

Have you been reading Sex Criminals from Image? I just reread the first three issues and this is really one of the best comics from last year. Give a read.

And you can never go wrong with Ed Brubaker

Simone does have a way with a team book, doesn’t she?

But I do like her Red Sonja a lot too.

I’m a sucker for child versions of superheroes - love Tiny Titans and Marvel Babies and now it seems every imprint is going that route. I like it because it gives me a chance to share some of my favorite characters with my kids (My son loves ‘ittie bitty Hell Boy from Dark Horse). Dynamite this week has their own. I haven’t read it so I can’t tell you whether I’d give it to my kid - but this cover by Art Baltazar is awfully cute.

And finally this week DC is putting out its Detective #27 issue which is filled with Batman stories and the start of another crossover in the Batbooks. It’s pricey at $7.99 and I’m not sure whether I’m picking it up. But if I do I think you know what variant I won’t be getting.

That’s it for me, what’s on your list?

Oct 23 '13

Comics to Buy Today, October 23

It’s Wednesday! And not just any Wednesday it’s a Wednesday where the World Series starts with the Red Sox! Oh, AND it’s new comics day.

This week there are two first issues for you jump on and I think you’re going to like them both.

First up is a book I’ve been waiting for a long time. I’ve been a fan of Kelly Sue DeConnick since her Osborn series and now she’s back on a series with her collaborator Emma Rios and, bonus, it’s a fantastical western with a female lead who just happens to be Death’s daughter. So go pick up or download the first issue of Pretty Deadly from Image Comics.


And also from Image this week, Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting join up for a smart cold war espionage tale. The agent? Her name is


But wait! There’s more!

So pick up those two. But Image is also has more ways to take your money!


Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky and couple who can make time stand still by having sex. 

But wait there’s more! This week also has another issue of Satellite Sam by Fraction and Chaykin.


Moving on to Marvel there is a new issue of Tumblr’s favorite comic Young Avengers and given this issue focuses on Kid Loki  I’m sure we’ll be seeing a big reaction - yes, it is ALL THE FEELS time!

I decided to trade wait the Forever Evil crossover from DC but it seems it is going on longer than I thought. I’ve missed Justice League Dark so i’m picking it up again this month - also Black Orchid is on the cover.


And finally given that Halloween is right upon us you might want to pick up 

Eva and Vampirella go all girl power in this - snarking, stabbing and biting through a creature of the night who should just know better. ‘Tis the seaon and all that. 

What’s on your list?

Oct 16 '13

Comics to Buy, October 16

It’s Wednesday and that means new comics! Here’s some stuff I’ll be picking up as well a couple I missed last week that I want to make sure I highlight.

Let’s start with DC Comics ‘cuz (points to blog name). Sadly today marks the last issue of Batwoman with J.H. Williams writing. He’s been involved with this character for such a long time and it is very sad to see him leave. This issue was the start of the long awaited showdown with Batman, we’ll have to wait and see how the new writer wraps this up.

Birds of Prey is back after a long break for villains’ month. I want to support this book but I don’t think that break is going to do it any sales assistance. I think Marx is a good writer given the team changes and the break I sense people may be giving up on the book. But not me!

Speaking of breaks, Hawkeye is back this week with a new issue, number 13. Given Clint’s luck that doesn’t bode well for him, does it?

Did anyone pick up the first issue of Brain Boy from Dark Horse last month? I thought it was fun. Here’s another issue:

And finally two that I didn’t have on the list last week:

Also a few people noted that I hadn’t included Batman #24 on my list last week. No, I am not giving up on Batman - I finally got a chance to read it this weekend. It’s a big issue with a bigger price but it was very good.

Next week there are new comics from DeConnick and Brubaker!

What’s on your list and what did I forget?

Oct 9 '13

Comics to Read Today, October 9

It’s new comics day! There’s some new comics with female leads to recommend, too. Here’s a look at the comics on my pick list this week.


I posted the preview to this episode, the debut of Batgirl, last night and having read this issue I urge you to get this. If you haven’t been using the digital comics’ ability to animate, this is the comic to try it on. Combined with Coover’s art it really gives you the feel of the TV show. Catwoman is in this too, and it’s the Eartha Kitt version and I loved Parker’s hat tip to her.

But wait there’s more!

Read More

Oct 2 '13

Comics to Read, October 2

It’s October and that means DC’s villains month is over and it’s almost time for NYCC. This week there’s only a few comics on my list so let’s go.

After Karen Berger left Vertigo there was concern about the imprint but, for now, it appears that DC giving Vertigo a shot with Shelly Bond and today we see the debut of a new title, the second issue of a great new series from Jeff Lemire and a one shot that has several very good creators.

We start with Hinterland which has a female lead. You can read the solicit here.


Kelly and I reviewed the first issue of Trillium on 3 Chicks and we both gave it a thumbs up. The second issue was just as strong. Have you tried this?


Vertigo has been putting out some strong anthologies and now they have one just perfect for October featuring Cliff Chiang, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emily Carroll. It’s pricey at $7.99 but that’s for 80 pages - 80 pages by reliably good creators.


Image has Lazarus #4 out by Rucka and Lark and i sure hope you are reading this. 


Sadly today is the last issue of the Mara from Brian Wood and Ming Doyle. If you haven’t been reading it I can understand not wanting to jump in now, but please do pick it up in trade.


Despite the “art” of Greg Land I enjoyed the first issue of Mighty Avengers so I’m going to give the second issue a try.


That’s not Storm on the cover by the way - it’s Monica Rambeau. But because this is Greg Land she looks like Halle Berry who of course plays Storm in the X-Men movies. Sigh.

There’s another issue of The Movement out today. I’m still not down with Freddie William’s art but that cover by Dan Panosian is awesome.

And that’s it for me, what’s on your list? What did I miss?

Jul 24 '13

Comics to Buy, July 24

The comics industry had its biggest event of the year last week with SDCC, so now it is back to somewhat normality. No true first issues this week but a few second issues that will perhaps get you also to pick up the first issues.


Sure you buy this for the Rucka female protagonist (who is great) but you’ll stay for the world building. In this issue there’s a lot of  Family Carlyle who are the kind of family that seem to view closeness as just a better way to put a knife in your back. If you didn’t pick up the first issue last month, there should be reprints of it in the LCS today. For those of you who do digital, just download both.


The art was better than the writing on the first issue even with Lee not doing the full issue. That’s not the case here where Pak’s writing is up to the art and Lee does do the full issue turning in an amazingly pretty book. There’s a lot to like here and an end page that will, I’m sure, get people talking. The original Worlds’ Finest and co-stars of DC’s next big screen superbatastic film, travel to Earth-2 in this issue and its an Earth-2 before the Trinity and others got killed off. In other words, awesome Earth-2 Catwoman and Lois Lane. Can I please get my Earth-2 the early years book with these two characters? 


This issue 2 of a 3 part mini-series based on Hill’s novella. The first issue was very intense. Can’t wait to read the second. 


If you missed Kate Bishop in the last Hawkeye you should be happy with this issue. Wish this had Aja.


The semi-official comic of Tumblr! (Someday I’m going to do a post on how Tumblr became important to comics … well at least for one publisher …)


There’s preciously few pages left for this book and this run by Immonen/Schiti/Bellaire and I am going to savor each one.


Catwoman. Still reading it. Still hoping it gets better. Who says I’m not an optimist (oh, just flip through my Twitter stream and you’ll see who).

That’s it for this week. What’s on your list?

Jun 26 '13

Comics to Buy, June 26

This is a big week for comics so let’s just jump in with the picks and as always I am starting with first issues.

I hope you had a chance to listen to the preview review and interview that Kelly and I did with Greg Rucka about his new series with Michael Lark,  Lazarus. If you like Rucka, if you like Rucka and Lark, if you like well written female leads or if you just like good comics you’ll enjoy  this. This is a great first issue and I can’t wait for this series. Rucka says he is hoping for 50 issues so jump on this one now.

I’ve been a fan of Batman and Superman Team-Ups since I was a kid. DC is smartly bringing back the duo in a new series written by Greg Pak. The art looks fantastic. I hope the writing is up to it promise of the art.

There are also two second issues this week to two series who debuted last month. Both made very strong debuts.

The first issue of The Wake introduced the book’s lead and hinted at the mystery under the sea. If you missed the first issue you missed some of Snyder’s best work this year and you know that is saying a lot. Sean Murphy’s art is outstanding as well.

Last month’s best selling comic is back for issue #2. 

It’s the X-Men with some of Marvel’s best characters. 

SOME of their best characters because as of yet Pizza Dog has not showed up.

You know he could be the new Wolverine. BAG AND BOARD THE DOG ISSUE PEOPLE!

It’s the official superhero comic of Tumblr.

Okay waiting for the crossover where Shulkie has to dog sit Pizza Dog.

The old official comic of Tumblr. My heart is broken that this is cancelled. But THIS IS SIF IN SPACE AND IT IS AWESOME!

All three of DC’s Justice League books are out this week I assume to align for the start of Trinity War. Love this cover on this one.

Have you read Princeless? Why not? If you’re looking for summer reading for you or your kids, go and grab the entire series.

That’s a lot of comics. What are you buying?

Jun 12 '13

Comics to Buy this Week, June 10 - The “It’s Scott Snyder’s World and We Just Read It” Edition!

This is a big week for DC with the debut of a long awaited series and the start of a highly antipated arc in its top selling book. 

Superman has had some challenges in the new 52 driven mainly by the creator turnovers. Today he gets a new title, Superman Unchained, and a new superstar team - Jim Lee and Scott Snyder. The issue has a movie like opening that immediately telegraphs that Snyder has a hand on the character. Make that characters as Lois shows up here as well and Snyder gets her in her quick appearance. There’s a also a big reveal in the final pages to get you to come back next month. This one is priced $4.99 which includes Jim Lee double page and full page splashes but it also includes a few pages from Dustin Nguyen as well. The issue goes quickly but if you’re looking for a good Superman action story in the new 52 you’ll want to pick this up.


Snyder also has Batman #21 out today which is the start of a major arc, ZERO YEAR, that takes a new look at Batman’s early career. This one, of course, has to live in the shadow of Miller and Mazzucchelli’s Batman Year One.


Snyder’s approach to date on Batman has to be been to fill in pieces of history while working with what’s there. He takes a bit more freedom here but it’s worth it. You get to see a young Bruce Wayne as Batman and the start of an interesting arc. I knew Snyder was good when he started writing Batman in the new 52. Capullo, on the other hand I had my doubts about. Those are gone. Capullo has turned in probably his best work to date. You’re going to want to read this a couple of times to savor his work. The book also has a fun back-up drawn by Rafel Albuquerque and written by Snyder and James Tynion that continues the high energy of the book’s main story. Pick this one up.

And in the final Trilogy of Snyder this week he and Albuquerque team up for an American Vampire one-shot. This is the highest priced item of the week  - $6.99.


If you are not a fan of corporate comics which I guess is as good a name as any for DC and Marvel, than you also have two first issues from others.

With Locke and Key winding down, Joe Hill is kicking off another new comic - Thumbprint. This is a three issue mini-series focused on a female private just back from an army stint. 


If you were a fan of Umbrella Academy or a reader of Dangerous Days or/and are a fan of Becky Cloonan than this book is for you.


Marvel has Kelly Sue DeConnick teamed-up with herself for this mini-series featuring her two titles - Captain Marvel and Avengers Assemble and it features a hybrid of best of her work on the two titles. DeConnick seems to be the one person who has cracked the code on the bringing the tone of the Avengers movie into comics. Combine that with the lovely character work she has done with Carol Danvers and you have a good read.


Suicide Squad is still a violent book featuring Harley Quinn in the awful new costume but now its a well-written violent book with new writer Ales Kot on board. Said costume should be ignored on that not very pleasant cover to take a look at what Amanda Waller looking more like her old self in the corner. You have to sometimes look past the bad to see the good, so ignore the cover and jump into the book.


Yes, the boob window is back full time, all the time and on this cover it does what it does best.


I’m still reading this. Sadly not many of you are. Nocenti’s style is better fit here for me than in Catwoman.


Also out this week are the floppies for two of DC’s best digital offerings - Smallville and Li’l Gotham. If you aren’t reading on line, I encourage you to pick both titles up.

I’m broke after this week. What’s on your list?

May 1 '13

Comics to Buy, May 1

Because no one asked…! Actually I did a get a few people asking where this feature went so here you go. This is a good week to start up again as there some interesting things to check out.

As usual I’ll start with a first issue.


In my mind I’m hoping this is a hybrid of Simone’s Gen 13 and Secret Six. Also look at that Amanda Conner cover.

I’m also going to highlight some second issues for you so you can catch up if you want.


Kelly and I reviewed the first issue on 3 Chicks and we both liked it. It’s written by musician Max Bemis with art by Jorge Coelo. The lead character thinks he’s a superhero. Or it may be an off-shoot of his being bipolar. Interesting premise and, so far, smartly done.


I’m a fan of the original Miss Fury so I picked up the first issue. And I liked most of it except the fan service was off the chart. Hoping it’s not as bad in this issue. So warning, there is a female lead but you see a lot of her.


Picked this up because of Duane Swierczynksi and enjoyed it.

And now on to some ongoings. 


Best book out there and NOW! with Francavilla on art (Aja will be back). Saw the preview and it looks great.


Because YOU asked for it! The boob window or as the solicit refers to it, the classic look, is back. The hole looks reasonably small there and really that other costume looked like a reject from 70s Abba.


Two lady hulks for the price of one in this issue!

And I think that’s it. I might pick up Batwing.

Oh and before I go a reminder that DC Digital has the first Adventures of Superman online. Just $.99 and you get old school Supes with the red underpants and a good read by Jeff Parker and Chris Samnee. 

So what’s on your list?

Mar 20 '13

Comics to Buy, March 20

It’s LADEEZ week for DC Comics and also a new issue of Saga!

Let’s start with Saga because it will give me another chance to plug Brian K. Vaughan’s created own comic with Marcos Martin that debuted yesterday. More detail here. You have no reason not to get the first issue of this great comic. 

And now onto Saga!

A warning that this issue has some NSFW pages (but, hey, now you know why those horns on Marco come in so … handy). 

And on to DC Comics with a sort of first issue. Christy Marx starts on Birds of Prey this month while still finishing up Sword of Sorcery.

We’ll find out whether Batwoman is engaged! There’s also a mysterious person appearing next month. Let me know who you think it is.

I was surprised at how much I liked Justice League of America #1 so I’m giving #2 a shot. I also picked up Justice League to see who the new members were. You can spoil yourself elsewhere on the blog.

There’s some Bat/Cat interaction in Catwoman #18. Hope this issue continues to show improvement in this series.

Starfire has her own one-shot by a writer I like, so I’m picking this up. You can read the story on the cover of this here.

And from Marvel there’s Captain Marvel. I’ve been enjoying this second arc.

I’m also going to pick up Conan the Barbarian, I’ve finally caught up on the series and I adore Belit and Conan.

What are you getting?

Mar 13 '13

Comics to Buy this Week, March 13

It’s a good week for the LADEEZ and let’s start with the book that I’m sure everyone is wondering about.


So will Harper Row become the next Robin? Let’s just say if you put an empty pair of boots on the cover of a comic, it may mean someone could fill them … Just read the issue, you’re going to want to get this one.

Also this week are second issues for two female-led books from both Marvel and DC. Both had mixed reviews for their first issues (although they both landed on the “buy” side for me). 

First up is Katana #2 from DC Comics. The sales of the first issue were not great and the promotion of the second was muted. That’s not good.


Preview here.

Marvel has the second issue of The Fearless Defenders. From the preview it seemed like the art was still not quite there but, hey, Dani Moonstar joins the team. Also check out this awesome variant cover by Marcos Martin.


Dark Horse has issue #4 of the Ghost reboot by Kelly Sue DeConnick this week. They announced at ECCC this was going to be an ongoing and I’m glad, it’s been a fun series.


And speaking of DeConnick, Avengers Assemble #13 is out this week. This is fun series that captures the tone of the movie. Oh and look who is in this issue.


That’s it for me, what’s on your list?

Mar 6 '13

Comics to Buy, Today March 6

It’s a short list this week but there are definitely a few you should think about picking up. Let’s start with a first issue:

Jim McCann and Janet Lee the team behind the The Return of the Dapper Men graphic novel, one of my bests of 2011, are back with a ongoing that takes place on a casino in space. 

I’m really enjoying Wood and Doyle story of young woman coming to terms with her Super powers.

This is being touted for it’s tie-in to Batman, Inc. #8 but there’s more than that here as we find out more about the mystery of Mr. Terrific. Also it ends on a zinger that I bet came up in the very first meeting on this book. Maguire does all the art on this and there are some of his trademark facial expressions.

Just a reminder that Smallville, Season 11 is also published as a monthly and not just on line for those who like to buy this way.

This book has really found its groove and this issue has Jen Walters in it so there’s another good thing.

I really enjoyed the first issue (we reviewed it on 3 Chicks) and can’t wait for this. 

And that’s it. Probably. I’m on the fence about a few comics. But what’s on your list?

Feb 20 '13

Comics to Buy This Week

There’s some goodbyes in this week that make me sad. But for every ending, there is a beginning so I’m starting with a first issue, that many of you probably have on your radar:

There are 53 different covers for this but I do digital so I’m just going to get the one above. I have mixed feelings about this book. On one hand it has some great female characters - Catwoman, Katana and Stargirl. But it also has an artist who I can find frustrating when it comes to drawing women. I’ll report back later with some thoughts.

As I posted yesterday, this is the last issue for a long time for J.H. Williams and the conclusion of the Wonder Woman arc.

I will support this book until they pull it from hands! 

I’m sad but not surprised this has been cancelled. That price point was all wrong for the book. But I’m going to finish out the run.

This ends the run of Duane Swierczynski. Although his run suffered a bit  from cross-overs and the silly decision to bounce Jesus Saiz off the book, I enjoyed his run. And he created the best new character of the new 52 - Starling. Thanks Duane!

I’m still sticking with this book hoping that Nocenti gets in her groove (or the groove she got for Katana).

There hasn’t been a bad issue yet.

What’s on your list?

Nov 7 '12

Comics to Buy This Week, November 7

Not a particularly big week but let’s start with the one I’m look most forward to:

I hope you all are reading this. It’s one of the those few comics I can’t wait to read each month.

I’m not picking up much from DC this week:

I stayed away from Detective after the reboot and followed Snyder to Batman. But now that they have John Layman on the book, I’m going to start picking it up again. His first issue was good, I’m hoping this issue is even better.

i’ve had my concerns about Worlds’ Finest but I just can’t resist Catwoman and Talia’s kids facing off. Hey, DC spins thing their way, I spin things my way.

If you haven’t made the move to digital yet, you can catch up with the really terrific Smallville title by Bryan Q. Miller in floppies this week. And bonus! Bat ears!

The Rot continues in Animal Man #14 PLUS you get more Black Orchid written by Lemire. 

I also recommend giving Colder #1 from Dark Horse a try. It’s a bit on the gory side but Tobin is a good writer.

I’m not getting anything from Marvel this week.

What are you picking up?