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Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Aug 13 '14

Comics to Read Today, 8/13 - The Wonder Woman Sensation Edition

Greetings fellow comic fans, after a much needed vacation I am back with some comic picks for the week. As usual I am starting with a first issue of a new comic or actually an old comic!

Today we get the first chapter of the digital first comic Sensation Comics starring Wonder Woman. When the project was announced last year I wrote about why I thought it was important chief among them it gives Wonder Woman a second title of her own for the first time 62 years. 


Today is the first chapter of one of two stories that will end up in a floppy out next week. It’s interesting that the first issue of Wonder Woman is set in Gotham but it gives writer Gail Simone a chance to write not one but two characters she closely associated with - Wonder Woman and Barbara Gordon as Oracle. As you can see from the cover costumes this is very out of continuity. It’s take 62 years to get Wonder Woman another title that doesn’t include her taking second bill to her boyfriend, if you want more you may want to drop the $.99 to buy this today to tell DC you want more.


The current arc of Captain Marvel has been quite enjoyable. Hey that makes me think - you know who should be on the silver screen in their own movies? Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel! Wonder why that hasn’t happened yet? 


You may be familiar with Genius which won the Top Cow pilot season many years ago. Or you may not. Doesn’t matter I strongly recommend you pick it up (be aware this contains adult language). Woman of color lead and incredible art by Afua Richardson who, come to think of it, would draw an awesome Wonder Woman (or just about anything - get to it comic publishers).


A man and woman are able to make time stand still by having sex! Kegel face! Brimping. You know who doesn’t make kegel face? Wonder Woman.


Gail Simone OWNS the female warrior comic book world today because she is writing Red Sonja AND Wonder Woman today.


Zero Year is over but that Snyder keeps writing! During Boston Comic Con Snyder said he wants to write Wonder Woman - let’s make that happen DC! (Also I think we’ll probably see Wonder Woman appear in the next arc along with every character in the DCU!)


I spoke to Tim Seeley for awhile during Boston Comic Con about how they manage to the writing on the multi-author multi-character book and it was pretty interesting. No Wonder Woman in this book … so far (actually I doubt she’ll show up but wouldn’t it be awesome?)


I bet you’re wondering how I’ll work Wonder Woman into this? Hah, Eve Coffin was a Boston cop - Wonder Woman lived in Boston during Perez’s run.

And that’s it for me this week. What did I miss? What’s on your list?

Aug 10 '14
What’s A Comic Con without a Discussion of Cass Cain?
The jocular and talented Chris Burnham was at Boston Comic Con this weekend and how could I resist getting a commission of Cass Cain as Black Bat in the costume he designed?
And speaking of Cass Cain and the new 52, keep hope alive. In other words, I feel a bit better than I have in awhile about the character. 

What’s A Comic Con without a Discussion of Cass Cain?

The jocular and talented Chris Burnham was at Boston Comic Con this weekend and how could I resist getting a commission of Cass Cain as Black Bat in the costume he designed?

And speaking of Cass Cain and the new 52, keep hope alive. In other words, I feel a bit better than I have in awhile about the character. 

Aug 10 '14

Get Some Great Comics; Help a Great Cause!

Boom Studios has long been put out some great comics. Over the last year they have also had some comics that have the imprint rivaling Image for quality and freshness including Dead Letters and Lumberjanes. Now you can buy a whole collection of their comics while helping the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. For just over $15 (or more if you have it - CBLD is an important organization) you can get 95 comics.

These are digital comics but are DRM free and multi-format. Check out the offer at HumbleBumble.

Jul 30 '14

Comics to Read, July 30 - Hello and Goodbye

It’s almost time for the dog days of summer or perhaps I should say “pizza dog” days of summer given today’s picks. This week I have a first issue for you to try and, sadly, the last issues of two comics by two of my favorite creators.

The PR for this says “four detectives, four time periods, and four dead bodies – all set in London” and, really, they had me at London and detectives. Vertigo continues to offer interesting material under the steady hand of Shelley Bond and this is a good example. The writer is Si Spencer and he’s joined by multiple artists including Meghan Hetrick and Tula Lotray. Really looking forward to this one.

Fresh off their Eisner win for best limited series, Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy give us the last issue of The Wake. Very sad to see this book go but at least I have Snyder’s Wytches to look forward too.

If you didn’t have the chance, Kelly and I did a very long interview with Ed Brubaker on 3 Chicks a few weeks ago and we chatted a lot about Fatale which also has it’s last issue today and what a conclusion. If you haven’t been reading this, it’s time to catch up so you appreciate this issue.

And now on to the rest of the week:

The first issue of Outcast was just about perfect. I think this Kirkman guy has a way with horror stories.

We are down to the last few issues of Hawkeye which ends with issue #22. I don’t have to tell you what a great book this has been to read and I hope these three (and Annie Wu) come together again after this run.

Nguyen is on art - Sold!

I’m really interested to see where Rucka takes this.

Red Sonja gets a 0 issue and I can I just say that Sonja knows how to party?

It’s take awhile (The first issue was a year ago) but it is Stelfreeze art.

Harley Quinn and the GNU 52.

That’s it for me - what did I miss? What’s on your list?

Jul 29 '14
DC Comics Puts ALL the Robins on Sale
There are still folks who will argue that Stephanie Brown wasn’t a “real” Robin. She was, of course. And its always nice to see DC recognize it as they do in this promo for their Robin 101 sale even if they don’t have a picture of her. 

DC Comics Puts ALL the Robins on Sale

There are still folks who will argue that Stephanie Brown wasn’t a “real” Robin. She was, of course. And its always nice to see DC recognize it as they do in this promo for their Robin 101 sale even if they don’t have a picture of her. 

Jul 29 '14

Happy Birthday Gail Simone

Today is Gail Simone’s birthday and, really, what better way to honor they day then with a stripper dressed as Knockout jumping out of cake to cheer up Scandal Savage?


Here’s hoping we see these folks again soon. (And a happy belated birthday to Nicola Scott who drew this panel)

Jul 28 '14

New 3 Chicks is Up and We Talk All About Wonder Woman!

We are back with our fourth episode in a row! This week we talk all about a certain Amazon with author and blogger Tim Hanley. 

We also review Storm #1 and Issue #21 of Saga

So please give us a listen either by downloading from iTunes or from here.

We are taking two weeks off to allow for my vacation and Boston Comic Con.

Jul 27 '14

On Wonder Woman and Heeled Boots

Yesterday Warner Bros. revealed the costume Gal Gadot will wear for her role in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The costume has her wearing boots. I don’t care for the inclusion of boots. Yes, she’s been drawn wearing heeled boots (including here, her first cover appearance)


but she’s also been drawn wearing greek sandals


and boots with no heel.


So there is no continuity over the last 70 plus years although there certainly has been some rethinking of how female characters are presented in media during that time. 

A few years ago when they were making the disastrous NBC pilot they also had Wonder Woman wearing a heel. Here’s what I said then:

Wonder Woman is free of vanity. For her a costume should be utilitarian — to cover what needs be covered and to make her recognizable to scare off weak-willed adversaries and alert others to her involvement. 

Having heels on her boots adds nothing. A boot heel will not make her run faster or kick harder or assist her in doing her job or make her recognizable. The only thing a heel does is please the eye. And that is something Wonder Woman should not care about.

A few folks have stated the heel is required to give her the height to stand with her co-stars Affleck and Cavill. That also does not require a costume with a heel as we’ve seen from dozens of films starring actors who are shorter than their female co-stars.

This is not about hating high heeled boots; I love high heeled boots. It’s fine if Wonder Woman wore them in her “civilian” identity. Rather, this is about questioning a costuming choice which puts the emphasis on Hollywood’s requirements for a Woman rather than the Wonder of the character.

Jul 27 '14

Question a Superhero Wearing a High Heel; Get Comic Forum Logic in Response

As you can see I went way negative on the Wonder Woman costume reveal gnashing my teeth and ripping the costume to shreds while burning my bra and screaming about the patriarchy.

Or not.

Hey Wonder Woman you’re wearing those heels because plenty of women think they’re sexy right?

Somedays there’s not enough desk to head and booze to drink.

Jul 24 '14

Kimmel on “If Thor is a Woman Why Isn’t Wonder Woman a Man?”

The title of Thor is now going to be held by a woman in Marvel Comics. That, of course, brings up the serious issue of what the world of male superheroes will do with one of theirs gone (and Thor isn’t really “gone” he’s probably just going to have a different name). The reaction to the Thor is a woman now news was treated just as you’d expect in certain parts of the internet. And one of the questions was "Well, then why can’t Wonder Woman be a man?" Which is apparently the underlying reason for this sketch on Jimmy Kimmel in which the humor seems to be “lol dude dressed as a woman but still looks like a dude.” 

On the upside? This is the first live action appearance of Wonder Woman on a big three network TV in 35 years! 

Jul 23 '14

Happy Batman Day! A Few Words About Martha Wayne

Today is Batman Day, a day to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the character’s first appearance. A few weeks ago I asked people to name the female character they thought was “most important” to Batman. And while there were many people who name Barbara Gordon (Oracle version mostly), there were also others mentioned such as Cass Cain and Leslie Thompkins. But a lot of the answers were a woman who has gotten short shift in the Batverse - Martha Wayne.

Read More

Jul 23 '14

First Look at David Finch’s Wonder Woman

DC Comics announced last month that David and Meredith Finch would be taking over the Wonder Woman title with issue 36. Today the publisher has released the first look at Finch’s pencils for the issue which will come out October. 

While the Wonder Woman book under Azzarello was self-enclosed with little interaction with the rest of the DCU, our first look at the Finch’s book shows that entire JLA appears in the issue.

Jul 23 '14

Comics to Read, BATMAN DAY!

Today is Batman Day! Why? Because DC Comics has declared it to be so in celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary. And given that my love of comics began with Batman why wouldn’t I connect all comics to 


But just because it is Batman day and there is a Batman comic out does not mean he gets to come first. No, I am going to start with a very special first issue.


Storm finally gets an ongoing. Well that didn’t take too long.

And you know who is writing this book? Greg Pak who also writes Superman/Batman for DC Comics. Because it’s Batman Day.

Any week Saga is out it goes to the top of my pick list. But oh my that last issue! Anyway, you know who wrote Batman? That’s right Brian K. Vaughan who wrote the False Faces arc. Because it is Batman Day.

Did you give a listen to the long interview Kelly and I did with Ed Brubaker on the newest 3 Chicks Review Comics now available on iTunes? This is such a good book and you should pick it up. Also Ed Brubaker wrote Batman.

Sabrina is getting her own book in the mode of Afterlife with Archie and this issue is all about her. This is not for kids but it is great for teens above. Oh and the art is by Francesco Francavilla who drew on of my Batman arcs ever. Because it is Batman Day.

This issue ends the first arc of Gail Simone’s rather fun Tomb Raider. Simone has written Batman a few times although my favorites were when being trolled by Canary. 

And now on to the man himself, Batman! And he does seem to appear in quite a few comics, doesn’t he?

This is the final issue of Snyder and Capullo’s Zero year arc and, really, what better what to end it then to have Batman fighting the Riddler accompanied by two lions. Why? Because he’s Batman, damn it! 

Can I just say that’s an amazing cover? Batman Eternal also has internal art by Nguyen this week so that’s a bonus. Batman is Eternal!  (I’d say Batman Forever, but that’s the name of one of the movies).

And that’s it for me this week. What’s on your list?

Also those of you traveling to SDCC have a fun trip and let me know if you see anything interesting!

Jul 22 '14

TV’s Revenge Comes to Marvel Comics: A Chat with the Co-Writer and Exclusive Artwork

ABC’s REVENGE is making the jump from TV to comics with an Original Graphic Novel out in September. REVENGE offers up episodic melodrama with a twist of mystery and suspense and a dash of soap opera which means it is pretty close to a comic monthly from Marvel already. In REVENGEtwo women are the lead characters - the revenge driven Emily Thorne and the complex villainous Victoria Grayson. The book’s subtitle, The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne, gives you a hint of the focus of the OGN. 

One of my favorite people Ted Sullivan is one of the shows co-producers and writers and he is co-writing the OGN with Erica Schultz, the writer of the award winning comic M3.  I chatted with Ted about the book, women in comics and what comic character Emily most resembles as well as the upcoming season of the show. Our interview as well as some new art from the book follow.


Read More

Jul 21 '14

New 3 Chicks with Guest Ed Brubaker

Kelly and I are back again (3 weeks in a row!) with an interview with writer Ed Brubaker that is just filled with some interesting discussion including:

    • His upcoming title from Image “The Fade Out”
    • The end of Fatale
    • His rollickingly great spy book Velvet which features a kick-ass, older female spy which you can order here.
    • His experiences in seeing his comic work transferred to the big screen including The Winter Soldier
    • His thoughts on Gotham (he’s seen the pilot).

We also review issue 2 of Gillen/McKelvie’s Wicked and the Divine and review the first trade of another awesome female spy, Edmundson/Noto’s Black Widow which you can pre-order here.

And we also talk about the Thor and Captain America news from last week including reading some very special, erudite thoughts about the former. 

So please give us a listen you can down load here or from iTunes!