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Mar 21 '12

Well it was wonderful for awhile

I’ve been a big fan of the rebooted Wonder Woman. I thought Azzarello did a great job boiling down Wonder Woman to basic qualities - strength, loyalty, determination and giving her a bit of a tough edge. He also brought in a good supporting cast. It was a shake-up that was much needed. Add Cliff Chiang’s bold art and you had a terrific team.

But then the third issue came and we found out that the shake-up included Wonder Woman’s origin being thrown out the window. Clay baby? Nope, born of woman and God getting it on. 

At that time I said:

… I am not happy with this change. I giving up a lot and the book needs to deliver a kick ass story to justify it. The fact that the team has already done so much outside of this change for the better (and that they’ve been able to create a breakout character like Strife in two issues) and that they have a very firm grasp on their story makes me believe they can.

Superman and Batman would never have had their basic origin fundamentally changed. The fact that Wonder Woman’s has been encapsulates a lot of the problems with female characters at DC. But I’m willing to step over this line for a story that will elevate Wonder Woman and open the door for more female characters on the A list. A rising tide raises all ships, right? But this is it. Wonder Woman is a great character with a rich history; no more big changes.

But today there was.

(spoilers below)

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