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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Posts tagged teen titans

Mar 27 '14

Whitewashing Again? Dear Colorists and Editors, Please Stop This

A few years ago I was very happy that DC Comics added a young East Indian woman to the Teen Titans. 


Solstice/Kiran seemed like an interesting character although we barely got to know her before the rebooted the DCU. But a character with the same name showed up in the new 52. Of course, when she showed up she looked a lot different.


The Teen Titans has been cancelled and will have its last issue in May, not surprising as it has generally been considered one of the worst runs using the title Teen Titans, ever. But before we go we saw Solstice in her human form. 


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Jul 15 '13

Azzarello Confirms Connection Between Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman in new 52

Since the reboot people have wondered what the connection between Cassie Sandsmark aka Wonder Girl in Teen Titans was to Wonder Woman in the new 52. In pre-52 continuity, Cassie Sandsmark had Wonder Woman’s current status - a demigod who was the daughter of Zeus but was not related to Wonder Woman.

In an inteview with Sequart, Azzarello talks about his Wonder Woman run and also what the connection is between the two characters.

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Mar 18 '13

Teen Titans Go! Debuts April 23, Here’s a Promo

Cartoon Network ran the final episodes of Green Lantern and Young Justice (which had my daughter IN TEARS, DAMN YOU) this past weekend. So it’s time to start promoting their replacements on DC Nation. Here’s a look.

Nov 18 '12

Teaser for Teen Titans Go Debuts; Hope for Young Justice to Return?

The sudden and still not explained decision of Cartoon Network to pull original episodes of DC Nation off the air in October had some fans wondering when and if they would see new episodes of Young Justice return to television. Concerns mounted when DC solicits for February showed the cancellation of the tie-in comic. Yesterday, however, CN posted a teaser for their upcoming Teen Titans show stating: 

don’t miss all new episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Young Justice, and new animated shorts when DC Nation returns to Cartoon Network in January!
So there is some hope that the show will return although it is not clear how DC Nation handle having four half hour shows with Teen Titans Go and Beware the Batman also debuting in 2013.
May 11 '12

It’s Friday! Let’s celebrate with the preview of the new Teen Titans DC Nation Short. This week it’s babysitting with Starfire and Blackfire.

Mar 30 '12

DC Nation Teen Titans’ short sneak peek

Here’s a look at the newest Teen Titan short featuring Beast Boy being tempted to eat some cookies and getting resistance and encouragement from his team.

Aug 27 '11

Phil Jimenez’s Teen Titans #100 cover: spot the differences

Phil just posted his original thumbnail and sketch for his variant cover of Teen Titans #100 - see any differences?

First the thumbnail - I love how you can identify Donna Troy.

Now the pencils: (click here to embiggen)

And finally the color cover: (click here to embiggen)

Aug 23 '11

A page from Teen Titans #100

Nicola Scott has posted page 4 from the upcoming Teen Titan’s #100 and here it is

Aug 13 '11

Young Justice meets DCnU Teen Titans

Bill Walko scores again. Love Cassie’s comment. Because of course Wonder Girl would be a thief.

Jun 5 '11

DCU Reboot Rumor: Teen Titans

Bleeding Cool has reported some more news about Teen Titans #1. As previously reported, but not confirmed by DC, the rumored team is Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth.

Today BC posted that the team will just be meeting each other for the first time, there will be seven members and “only four of those members will be white” pointing to a more diverse team. So who do you think makes up the team? Jaime? Aqualad?

Apr 15 '11

Female Teen Titans vs. Sailor Moon/Senshi

Another great piece from by MicQ (via CBR)

Mar 15 '11

Teen Titans by Jamie Fay

aka WindriderX23, colors by LuccianoVecchio Done for a charity event.

Mar 9 '11

J.T. Krul talks about the newest Teen Titan, Solstice - will she shine as a hero?

During NYCC, I spent a few minutes speaking to J.T. Krul who had recently arrived as the writer of Teen Titans. At the time he was very excited about the newest character, Solstice. After meeting Cassie Sandsmark in the Wonder Girl one-shot, Solstice is about to enter the world of the Teen Titans in issue #93 out later this month. I chatted with  J.T. this week to find out more about this newest female DC hero and what we can expect to see from her in the book.

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Aug 17 '10

Some kick ass Nicola Scott art from Teen Titans

As you would expect it’s beautiful. Wish it were a different writer.

More up at the Source,