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Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass.
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Posts tagged wonder woman

Oct 28 '13

Wonder Woman Comic One of 101 Objects that Made America; Now Where’s Her Damn Movie?

The Smithsonian is coming out with a new book this week that features the 101 objects from “across the Smithsonian’s museums that together offer a marvelous new perspective on the history of the United States.”You can order it here.

Comic books and superheroes have long been part of the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History so it’s not surprising that a comic book would make the short list. What is interesting is that it’s not Action Comics #1 or Detective Comics #27 which featured the debuts of Superman and Batman who went on to become two of the most famous fictional characters in history. 

Their choice, instead, was a comic featuring the third member of DC Comics “trinity” of superhero IP - Wonder Woman


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Oct 26 '13

1980 Ben Cooper Halloween Catalog (x)

If you wonder just how popular the Lynda Carter show made Wonder Woman here’s some evidence. Thirty three years ago Ben Cooper saw her at the level of Spider-Man and Batman when it came to promoting Halloween Costumes. 


1980 Ben Cooper Halloween Catalog (x)

If you wonder just how popular the Lynda Carter show made Wonder Woman here’s some evidence. Thirty three years ago Ben Cooper saw her at the level of Spider-Man and Batman when it came to promoting Halloween Costumes. 

Oct 25 '13

Wonder Woman Won’t Get Another Animated Film Unless Justice League is In the Title

There’s an interview up over at Toon Zone with James Tucker who replaced Bruce Timm as the head of Warner Bros. animation  and in it he discusses the chances of seeing a Wonder Woman movie.

Wonder Woman is, we’ve heard, an imperative for Warner Bros. according to head honcho Kevin Tsujihara who said the studio “needs” to get the character in a movie or TV project.

That imperative seemed to be a bit of a surprise to Tucker who when asked about a animated movie didn’t feel there a “need” at all.

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Oct 22 '13

It’s Your Regular Wonder Woman Movie Update Now with Extra “Famous Women Dressed As Wonder Women”

If you hadn’t heard Batman vs. Superman has started production and the first scene filmed is, similar to The Dark Knight Rises, a football game. This time it is Gotham vs. Metropolis which I’m sure is METAPHORICAL.

The football scene was filmed with all extras so we still have to wait for the arrival of the first images of Batfleck. My guess is you’ll see those this year. But we’re not here to talk about the members of the DC Trinity that has a dozen or more feature films between them - we’re here to talk about the one who doesn’t have ANY. And here is the latest on Wonder Woman movies via Variety. This is Greg Silverman of Warner Bros. on whether any other DC characters will be in the film.

"We have been doing a lot of thinking for years about how to best use all those characters and we love them,”Wonder Woman is an amazing character. I think it’s a great opportunity both for box office success, but also to have an amazingly powerful female superhero.”

“Is she going to have her own separate movie or is she going to be a part of this?” Eller asked.

“We are taking it all very seriously and are trying to do a plan that’s respectful to those characters and maximizes the stories as best they can,” Silverman said, dodging the question. “So everything that has been speculated are things that we’ve thought about.”

In other words, “they’re thinking.”

Wonder Woman is,of course, one of the most influention fictional characters in the history (no really ,there’s a list from Time and everything that has her on it.) She’s a symbol of feminism and peace and love and well, you know. So It’s always a interesting to see some of the people who choose to channel the character.

Like Kim Khardashian. I always think of her when I think of Wonder Woman.

I’m sure Wonder Woman would be endless fascinated by Kim and her good works.

And this year we have a Real Housewife of New Jersey, Melissa Gorga (who gets props for her daughter dressing as Wonder Woman.)

I think Wonder Woman would like to talk to her about the concept of "loving submission"

Which celebrity do you think should dress as Wonder Woman?

Oct 21 '13

Under Armour Introduces Superhero Apparel for Girls

Earlier this year sports clothing manufacturer Under Armour introduced their “Alter Ego” gear for men featuring logos of DC and Marvel superheroes. Now they have introduced a DC line for girl.

At the center of the collection is Wonder Woman:

But there are also Batgirl shirts to choose from:

And, of course, there is super-themed shirts as well:

It’s nice to see a Supergirl shirt that doesn’t come in pink. Although if you want something with pink you can always get this boys sweatshirt.

I’m excited to see this line expanded to girls as it reinforces the idea that in the eyes of some major brands superheroes appeal to girls as well as boys.

Oct 10 '13

Wonder Woman movie pitches left and right (one strike and one defacto balk)

The new head of WB says they MUST do a Wonder Woman movie or TV show. And apparently that urgency is real because word has emerged of pitches being thrown. Paul Feig director of The Heat and Bridemaids recently pitched a Wonder Woman movie according to IGN.

The idea for Feig’s film would’ve involved a Wonder Woman who “keeps hitting the glass ceiling” of the superhero world. 

The tone? IronMan. The verdict? Strike.

And remember a few weeks ago when Max Landis said he was intending to pitch a Wonder Woman movie? Here’s what he wanted to do:






(Note: DCWKA approves this message)




But remember he only intended. So that pitch never got thrown.


Anyway, keep those pitches, intended or otherwise, coming.


Although it would be nice to see some of the thinking that Lynda Carter spoke about.

Oct 9 '13

Review: Superman/Wonder Woman #1

Superman and Wonder Woman have spent over 50 years as colleagues and friends in the pages of DC Comics. They’ve had lots of team-ups and adventures but never in those 50 plus years did DC ever decide that the two should share a book.

Until now. What’s changed? Why do we now have a book teaming the two up? Well now they are no longer just friends but a “power couple” to use DC Comics own labeling. Both characters have been stripped of their traditional mates in mythos to be brought together in a relationship in the new book debuting today, Superman/Wonder Woman.


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Oct 7 '13

Gravity, Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. and their new Studio Head

Warner Bros., owner of Wonder Woman, had a very good weekend at the box office in case you’re just catching up. Gravity, it’s Sandra Bullock led space action/thriller/suspense movie (and I’ll get back to THAT in a minute) brought in $55M about $20M over the early expectations. And in doing so It broke the box office record for October. It also beat a movie starring now one but two dudes (including the newest Batman, Ben Affleck, which must be the fart in the room of flowers at WB this morning.)


Sandra Bullock was a Wonder Woman
for WB’s box office this weekend

I saw it Gravity and really enjoyed it. But as much as the 90 or so minutes I spent in the theater, I’m enjoying the fact the movie did so well. Let me recap what I spent time on Twitter and i09 saying yesterday.

Female lead (over 40), box office record, surpassed expections by $20M, 54% male/46% female audience but remember Hollywood thinks women can’t open action movies and women don’t like action movies. 

Pretty simple, eh? Of course not!

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Oct 5 '13

Some Wonderful New Fruit Snacks

While shopping today I came upon some new Justice League fruit snacks. When I first looked at the box, I sighed because it featured a bizarre dudebro trinity of Batman, Green Lantern and Aquaman. But then I turned the box around and saw this.

So Wonder Woman made the cut. Cyborg did not, however. Wonder why? Note the old school costumes as well. 

Inside the box are packs of fruit snacks. Yep, that’s Supes with his trunks.

But I’m sure your asking yourself the most important question - what does the Wonder Woman fruit snack look like?

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Oct 3 '13

ABC’s GMA Tackles the “Why No Wonder Woman Movie” Issue

I’m going to beg to differ with the assertion in this ABC piece that the question of why Wonder Woman hasn’t had a big screen movie is now being discussed because of the short that debuted a few days ago, but certainly it has bumped the discussion up a notch.

As Kelly and I discussed on 3 Chicks this past week, after years of talking about why Wonder Woman has no movie, it’s been great to see the dialogue and questions being asked by more and more people and in more and more outlets.

And they ask a question and get an answer about whether it’s sexist. Wonder if that THR reporter will get the kind of responses me and my fellow female bloggers get when throwing out the same question.

Will this drive Warner Bros. to make a Wonder Woman movie? Probably not. But it will make the lack of a movie more and more uncomfortable and would now seem to be a tricky situation.

How apt.

Oct 2 '13

Jenette Kahn on Wonder Woman from PBS’ Superheroes

The PBS documentary Superheroes debuts in two weeks. Here’s a clip where former DC publisher Jenette Kahn talks about Wonder Woman as a feminist icon and her impact on Gloria Steinem.

Sep 30 '13

New Live Action Wonder Woman Film Is Up; This Character is Tricky?

A few weeks ago I told you about a Wonder Woman film being made by Rainfall.TV. It debuted today. While only two minutes or so it works well as teaser for the character. It’s really quite baffling to me how the people who own the rights to the character think she’s tricky and yet fans and artists who can think out of the box are able to get the character and easily communicate how compelling she is. 

Sep 28 '13

If You’re Into Spandex and Tights Heroes, You’re Going to Love This Shop

A new shop has just launched online and it has an amazing set of superhero inspired women’s clothing. You can check them out here to see the full range but here’s a few pieces that caught my eye which are perfect for a variety of activities.

Looking to commune with fish?


Going off to protest stupid marriage laws?


Fighting bad van bros? Okay, this looks good.


Going to a superhero movie that doesn’t star a woman?


There’s lot of sizes offered XS to XXL which is nice. 

What do you think?

Sep 25 '13

Lynda Carter Weighs in the Problems of a Wonder Woman Movie: “They Miss the Point”

Lynda Carter has some thoughts about why there is no Wonder Woman movie and they show that the woman who played the character during the 1970s has better insight into her than the people who get paid to think about the character:

"I think they try to just make her a female version of a male superhero, and that’s not what she is," observes Lynda. "She is an Amazon Princess and she’s got really strong sisterhood values. She’s smart, and she just happens to be beautiful and super strong, and she has these great cool things like these bracelets and boomerang headband and non-lethal kinds of ways of dealing with people. She’s just saying, like, ‘Get a grip!’ all the time. … She slaps the hands of the bad guys."

"Maybe they need a female writer who gets it. I’ve often tried not to say that, but I think it’s the truth. It’s like, ‘Hellooooo guys, get a female that understands what that’s all about.’ You look at any society that suppresses women, and it’s violent. Look around the world. … There’s a humanity that they’re missing. There’s got to be a sweetness, a kindness, a goodness in the character. The rest takes care of itself."

I find it refreshing to not hear someone say “she’s tricky” or “we have to be careful” or “she’s complicated” isn’t it?

Carter is participating in the DC Comics “We can be Heroes” fund raiser and if you $10K you’ll get to meet her as well as tour the DC offices. You can buy that (and help raise funs for a good cause here)

Anyone got $10K they don’t need? Send it my way! 


Sep 22 '13

Wonder Woman Short Film To Debut September 30

While Warner Bros. tried to figure out Wonder Woman’s trickiness others are taking on the challenge of giving Wonder Woman fans a taste of what a film would look like. The lastest is from production company Rainfall.TV who will debut a short concept film starring the Amazon on September 30.

The company has release a look at the Amazons in the movie in preparation for the film’s debut:

The film stars Rileah Vanderbilt (below) and is directed by Sam Balcomb.

More pictures under the cut.

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