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Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Posts tagged wonder woman

Oct 15 '14

Now That We Have a Date for the Wonder Woman Movie Some Key Questions

Earlier today Warner Bros. and DC Comics announced the titles, stars and release dates of 10 films including a Wonder Woman film slated for 2017.

Based on the press release from the company we also know that Gal Gadot will be the star of that film.

What don’t we know? Quite a lot.

1. Who is writing the script for Wonder Woman? In March of 2013 we heard Michael Goldenberg (who also worked on Green Lantern) was writing it. Is that still in process? If they are going to make that 2017 date the script better be under way. 

2. Who will direct? I really only have four words on this - please not Zack Snyder. It would be nice to have Kathryn Bigelow direct. But please not Zack Snyder.

3. Will it be an origin movie? Earlier this week we learned that in Batman vs. Superman her origin will be the one from the recent new 52 reboot where instead of her original clay baby origin she is now the daughter of Zeus. The use of this origin is concerning because that run also included horrible reworking of the Amazons into sailor killing succubi. Let’s hope they don’t go there. But I want to see the contest on the big screen so I do hope the go there.

4. Will we see any of her classic supporting cast? Will we see Steve Trevor as a love interest? We know that Lois and Clark are together in BvS so it will make it hard to drive towards the current positioning of Wonder Woman and Superman so we may get Trevor. I’d like to see some of the classic cast but would be incredibly happy if Krystin Ritter showed up as Strife. 

5. Can Gal Gadot carry this movie? Only time will tell. Nothing she’s done onscreen has pointed to this or even her having a wide range of acting skills but at this point the only thing we can do is hope for the best.

Despite some misgivings I can’t say I’m not excited. With the Red Sox finally winning the World Series a decade ago having Wonder Woman on the big screen was no my “hope it happens before I die.”


Oct 12 '14

DC Comics to Publish Digital First Comic Based On Lynda Carter Wonder Woman Show

In one of their final announcements of NYCC, DC Comics announced Wonder Woman 77 a digital comic based on the Lynda Carter TV show.

The comic will be written by Marc Andreyko (Batwoman, Manhunter) with covers by Nicola Scott. Interior artists will be announced at a later date.

I’m pretty pleased about this given the post I wrote last year calling for DC to do this comic:

One of the challenges of presenting Wonder Woman in comics is that because there are so few comics and projects outside comics that focus on her and because of her status as icon and character, it’s difficult for some fans to reconcile the current interperation with what they believe the character to be. It’s interesting that Batman and Superman (though to a less degree) who have multiple comic and multimedia versions of their characters don’t have as nearly as big a problem. Their pervasive presence, I think essentially gives everyone a Batman or Superman that is theirs. 

Wonder Woman needs that too. And a zippy digital comic where she runs around doing bullets and bracelets and kicking the ass of Nazis and 70s drug lords seems to be an excellent way to start.

This gives Wonder Woman three comics where she headlines. This is great news to build out the visibility of the character while giving fans not comfortable with how she is portrayed elsewhere options.


Oct 12 '14

The Cover of Wonder Woman #38 is A Bloody Mess

Half of Wonder Woman’s team, Meredith the writer, was chatting up the new book at NYCC including this interview from VOX:

"David did not intend to say that she’s not a feminist," she said, explaining that Wonder Woman, like feminism, has evolved since the character was created. Finch says that her husband was just trying to make clear that there was no mandate from execs at DC to take Wonder Woman and create a token and hollow-feeling Wonder Woman, who would ultimately make for an empty female empowerment story. 

"The experiences women are having in the 21st Century are very different from the experiences Wonder Woman had when she was created. So we just want to focus on telling a strong female story, that I can relate to as a woman, and really, everyone can relate to," she said.

So the meme now is that it isn’t about “Feminism” is now about not making her a “token and hollow-feeling Wonder Woman.” 

Funny when Gail Simone wrote her as a feminist that didn’t happen.

Of course women’s experiences are different than when the character was created. But is that meant to suggest the need for feminism has gone away? Can women not relate to men and women being equal?

Really not getting the thought process from this team.

Anyway, in their their hunt to make Wonder Woman someone “everyone can relate to” here’s a cover by Finch from the January issue.


Oh, I can TOTALLY relate to this.

Oct 10 '14
Now Here is A Wonder Woman that IS Tricky
This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle will surely try your abilities! See what happens first - the announcement of a Wonder Woman movie or you finish the puzzle!
Available here!

Now Here is A Wonder Woman that IS Tricky

This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle will surely try your abilities! See what happens first - the announcement of a Wonder Woman movie or you finish the puzzle!

Available here!

Sep 30 '14

Always Bet on Wonder Woman. Always.

Bally is unveiling two new slot machines this week and it is a sure bet I’ll be playing one if I see one.

Sep 19 '14

New Book Discusses “The Secret History of Wonder Woman”

Was Margaret Sanger, the leader of the birth control movement and founder of Planned Parenthood, the basis for Wonder Woman? Harvard historian Jill Lepore makes a case in her new book out late next month. You can read some excepts from the book here and here and in the above video hear Lepore tell the story of how she pieced together the untold story.

You can pre-order a copy of the book through my Amazon store.

Sep 9 '14

Darwyn Cooke Wins All The Variant Cover Prizes

DC Comics has been using variant covers to drive sales for the past few months so we’ve had Bombshell covers, Mike Allred variants, and even selfie covers.

In December, perhaps as a gift to readers who dream for the time when DC Comics’ superheroes looked like, well, superheroes we get Darwyn Cooke variants.

Here are the ones for female led comics and, shockingly, there isn’t a brokeback or receptive bulbous heart shaped ass among them.

More, please.


Via IGN 







Sep 1 '14

New Interactive Batgirl Book and Costume and More DC Women Merchandise Now Available at Hallmark Stores

Hallmark has long has a relationship with DC Comics for merchandise such as Christmas ornaments and greeting cards. But now they have expanded their merchandise to include some other items.

Earlier this summer the company launched a set of “Itty bitty” toys featuring DC heroes including Wonder Woman:


That’s about the actual size of the doll by the way.

The line also includes Superman, Batman and the Flash. There are also Marvel versions including Spider-Man and Iron Man (sadly no female characters). They are $6.95.

But now Hallmark has released a particularly awesome Halloween item featuring Batgirl. And it is awesome.

Read More

Aug 28 '14

Wonder Woman, Supergirl Featured in Upcoming Six Flags 3D Ride

Six Flags announced a new 3D ride JUSTICE LEAGUE: BATTLE FOR METROPOLIS will debut at two of their parks in 2015. The company PRs state:

As you explore the interactive Hall of Justice, you’ll be given special 3D glasses and a working stun gun to help you battle Lex Luthor and The Joker. They’ve hacked into BATMAN’s computer and kidnapped the world’s favorite superheroes, SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, and GREEN LANTERN. Now you must bust into Lex Corp. to rescue them!

Board motion-based vehicles for a wild journey through the Metropolis streets, where you’ll meet up with life-sized animatronics.

Everywhere you look, state-of-the-art 3D imagery will draw you deeper into the adventure. Your unique transporter will take you piloting through a realistic 3D environment.

Can you thwart The Joker’s evil plan to infect the city with laughing gas? Only if you’re brave enough to join the JUSTICE LEAGUE Reserve Team!

While I expected to see Wonder Woman in the game I was surprised to see Supergirl as well although given it is Metropolis that is being battled over perhaps that make sense. (And perhaps another high profile female character that lives in that city?)

The new ride also uses the new versions and costumes of characters.

It’s not clear the whole Justice League will appear in the game - Cyborg is seen in the video but not Aquaman.The game debuts at the parks in Texas and Missouri next Spring.

Aug 24 '14

After This Week, Something Sweet About Female Superheroes

So. This week sucked to be talking about women in comics, no?

Well how about some candy?

It’s pretty sad but I get excited every time any item features a female character when a superhero line up is shown. Earlier tonight someone asked me about the lack of Gamora in the GOTG items and more often than not that’s the way it is. But I recently saw some candy that was more inclusive:

Apparently when it comes to superhero candy girls are okay to include.

Jul 27 '14

On Wonder Woman and Heeled Boots

Yesterday Warner Bros. revealed the costume Gal Gadot will wear for her role in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The costume has her wearing boots. I don’t care for the inclusion of boots. Yes, she’s been drawn wearing heeled boots (including here, her first cover appearance)


but she’s also been drawn wearing greek sandals


and boots with no heel.


So there is no continuity over the last 70 plus years although there certainly has been some rethinking of how female characters are presented in media during that time. 

A few years ago when they were making the disastrous NBC pilot they also had Wonder Woman wearing a heel. Here’s what I said then:

Wonder Woman is free of vanity. For her a costume should be utilitarian — to cover what needs be covered and to make her recognizable to scare off weak-willed adversaries and alert others to her involvement. 

Having heels on her boots adds nothing. A boot heel will not make her run faster or kick harder or assist her in doing her job or make her recognizable. The only thing a heel does is please the eye. And that is something Wonder Woman should not care about.

A few folks have stated the heel is required to give her the height to stand with her co-stars Affleck and Cavill. That also does not require a costume with a heel as we’ve seen from dozens of films starring actors who are shorter than their female co-stars.

This is not about hating high heeled boots; I love high heeled boots. It’s fine if Wonder Woman wore them in her “civilian” identity. Rather, this is about questioning a costuming choice which puts the emphasis on Hollywood’s requirements for a Woman rather than the Wonder of the character.

Jul 27 '14

Question a Superhero Wearing a High Heel; Get Comic Forum Logic in Response

As you can see I went way negative on the Wonder Woman costume reveal gnashing my teeth and ripping the costume to shreds while burning my bra and screaming about the patriarchy.

Or not.

Hey Wonder Woman you’re wearing those heels because plenty of women think they’re sexy right?

Somedays there’s not enough desk to head and booze to drink.

Jul 26 '14
Here’s Your First Look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
The DC Movie Panel is going on in Hall H at SDCC and on-stage are Affleck, Carvill and Gadot. And they just showed this image. Are those heels on the boots? Close to the Chiang look but not exact. What do you think? 

Here’s Your First Look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

The DC Movie Panel is going on in Hall H at SDCC and on-stage are Affleck, Carvill and Gadot. And they just showed this image. Are those heels on the boots? Close to the Chiang look but not exact. What do you think? 

Jul 24 '14

Kimmel on “If Thor is a Woman Why Isn’t Wonder Woman a Man?”

The title of Thor is now going to be held by a woman in Marvel Comics. That, of course, brings up the serious issue of what the world of male superheroes will do with one of theirs gone (and Thor isn’t really “gone” he’s probably just going to have a different name). The reaction to the Thor is a woman now news was treated just as you’d expect in certain parts of the internet. And one of the questions was "Well, then why can’t Wonder Woman be a man?" Which is apparently the underlying reason for this sketch on Jimmy Kimmel in which the humor seems to be “lol dude dressed as a woman but still looks like a dude.” 

On the upside? This is the first live action appearance of Wonder Woman on a big three network TV in 35 years! 

Jul 23 '14

First Look at David Finch’s Wonder Woman

DC Comics announced last month that David and Meredith Finch would be taking over the Wonder Woman title with issue 36. Today the publisher has released the first look at Finch’s pencils for the issue which will come out October. 

While the Wonder Woman book under Azzarello was self-enclosed with little interaction with the rest of the DCU, our first look at the Finch’s book shows that entire JLA appears in the issue.